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Media Releases

Sovereign launch research set to take off

20 July 2018

Launching satellites could soon become a reality in Australia with Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation, Zed Seselja, today announcing Government support for Australian based research into rocket propulsion technology.

Fighting fire with science

19 July 2018

Highly flammable building construction materials and toxic flame retardants commonly found in furniture are set to be made redundant by eco-friendly, non-toxic, durable flame retardants developed with the assistance of Commonwealth funding, announced by Assistant Minster for Science, Jobs and Innovation, Zed Seselja, at UNSW Sydney today.

$22 million for early-stage health and medical research

13 July 2018

The Turnbull Government will invest more than $22 million to help Australian businesses move from early-stage health and medical research discoveries to commercial success, giving patients access to better treatments and medicines.

Making sure you get correct weight

10 July 2018

The National Measurement Institute's annual plan has been launched to ensure Australian consumers and businesses have 'correct weight' whenever they buy or sell goods by measurement

$96 million committed for JCU project from Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

3 July 2018

The Australian Government has committed up to $96 million from its Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) to a project aimed at boosting enrolments in engineering courses at James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville.

Innovative mining projects share in $7 million

3 July 2018

Today the Turnbull Government announced project funding investment in drone technology designed by Western Australian business Emapper, to do the necessary environmental mapping required for any mine site, reducing safety risks to workers.

A new chapter begins for Australian optical astronomy

3 July 2018

Australia is set to build on its world-class technical and scientific capabilities in astronomy and astrophysics with the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) moving into the domestic research sector.

Resources and energy exports setting new records

2 July 2018

Australia’s resource and energy export figures are on track to set a new record of $226 billion in 2017–18 – and go even higher this year – according to an in-depth Government report released today.

Food labels provide more clarity for consumers

2 July 2018

Australian consumers will now have more clarity and less confusion about the food products they buy.

Lift-off for the Australian Space Agency

1 July 2018

History was made today with the commencement of operation of the Australian Space Agency, a milestone in the nation’s space history.