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Media Releases

Unearthing junior mining exploration opportunities

19 March 2018

The Coalition Government is supporting smaller exploration companies to undertake “greenfields” mining exploration and so make mineral discoveries crucial to the Australian economy, thanks to legislation that passed the Senate today.

New visa scheme to attract highly skilled global talent

19 March 2018

A new visa scheme to attract highly skilled global talent and deliver innovation to Australia will be piloted from 1 July of this year.

Australia and ASEAN driving digital trade

16 March 2018

The Turnbull Coalition Government today announced a joint initiative with the ten countries of ASEAN to promote digital trade and support inclusive economic growth in our region.

'Sunrise Industries' - Capitalising on new emerging industries in the ASEAN region

16 March 2018

Personal health and ageing, next generation energy storage and autonomous systems are just some of the emerging high-growth industries identified in a new report that will fuel future regional growth and job creation in our region.

New partnership to drive better healthcare research and development

13 March 2018

The Turnbull Government has set up a new advisory board to work with the United States to promote technology and innovation in healthcare.

Advisory group to help advance women in industry, innovation and science

13 March 2018

The Industry, Innovation and Science Women’s Advisory Roundtable is meeting today in Sydney.

Australia and Timor-Leste sign maritime boundary treaty

7 March 2018

Today the Treaty between Australia and the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste was signed, Establishing Their Maritime Boundaries in the Timor Sea.

Reducing food waste through innovation and collaboration

7 March 2018

A project by Queensland-based Freeze Dry Industries to find new ways to reduce food waste in Australia will receive funding from Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL), the Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre.

Australia takes the gold in new mineral statistics

5 March 2018

The latest statistics on Australia’s vast mineral resources show Australia continues to lead as the world’s largest reserve holder or producer of key commodities such as gold, iron ore and lithium.

Labour Mobility and the Northern Australia Worker Pilot Program

1 March 2018

Today we celebrate the achievements of the Northern Australia Worker Pilot Program (NAWPP), which was a key initiative of the Our North, Our Future: Developing Northern Australia White Paper.