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Media Releases

Ministers commit to shared plan to develop Northern Australia

18 April 2018

Federal, state and territory ministers responsible for Northern Australia have today committed to a shared vision and forward work plan to increase productivity, encourage investment and create new jobs in Northern Australia.

Australian government increases commitment to iconic Outback Way

18 April 2018

The Australian Government will deliver another $160 million to seal and widen priority sections of the iconic Outback Way, taking the Government’s total commitment to the route to $330 million and continuing the Government’s commitment to nation building and improving regional connectivity.

NAIF changes to fast-track infrastructure investment

18 April 2018

The Australian Government will amend the investment mandate of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility to increase its flexibility and improve its potential to support projects that deliver more jobs and economic opportunities to Northern Australia. 

Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia invigorates aquaculture industry

17 April 2018

The Australian Government has announced a $100,000 investment in aquaculture from the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Developing Northern Australia designed to stimulate jobs and economic growth across the north.

Space technology aids regional aviation

17 April 2018

The Australian Government is delivering more accurate GPS systems for aeroplanes, which will make regional aviation safer and more efficient.

First meeting of the Resources 2030 Taskforce

16 April 2018

The Resources 2030 Taskforce charged with identifying reforms to secure the future of Australia’s resources sector has met for the first time today.

Research to empower health decisions of Australians

13 April 2018

The Turnbull Government is encouraging Australians to make more informed decisions about their health care through digital technologies.

Transitioning to future fuels in sights of researchers

13 April 2018

The Turnbull Government is committing additional funding to the research and development of new energy infrastructure, making it more cost-effective for Australian households and industries to use low-carbon energy fuels.

Local jobs and a new energy industry for the LaTrobe valley

12 April 2018

The Turnbull Government will create 400 local jobs and establish a new energy industry to provide more opportunities for businesses and families in the LaTrobe Valley.

Families to benefit from research to fight food waste

12 April 2018

It is estimated that Australian households throw away almost $4,000 worth of unused food each year. A new Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), supported by a $30 million grant from the Turnbull Government’s CRC Program, could see this wastage reduced, keeping more money in the pockets of Australian families.