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Submissions sought for Victorian/South Australian economic and industry reviews

27 December 2013

Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has called for submissions to the reviews that will guide Australia’s transition to a new era of manufacturing and competitiveness, in preparation for the 2016 and 2017 departure of Ford and Holden.
“These reviews signal the setting of a new direction in Australia’s manufacturing and industry policy. Traditional manufacturing is undergoing a global change which we must view as an opportunity to re-define the way Australia contributes to global supply chains.
“This is a chance to identify the future of smart manufacturing in Australia, to turn the spotlight on emerging strengths in other parts of the sector, and to build an agenda on the future of manufacturing not a continuation of the past,” Mr Macfarlane said.
The reviews, in consultation with the South Australian and Victorian Governments, will inform the design of the $100 million growth fund to drive practical initiatives to assist the transformation from heavy industrial manufacturing to higher value-added production.
“While these reviews are responding to the departure of Holden and Ford, we have a window of opportunity to devise a national strategic response that’s based on building a future rather than a piecemeal, subsidy approach to patch the past,” he said.
Submissions addressing ways to boost the competitiveness of the State economies are now being encouraged. These submissions may address:

• Encouraging investment and innovation in new or emerging high growth sectors;
• Identifying major infrastructure projects to boost productive capacity;
• Supporting the diversification of automotive supply chain companies; and
• Supporting the training and redevelopment of workers displaced by closures.

“I will be particularly interested in hearing about plans that address the future of manufacturing and innovation, projects that commercialise Australian ideas or take a local sector onto the export stage, and opportunities to achieve scale in emerging sectors.”
Submissions will be taken throughout January 2014 and should be sent to economicreview@industry.gov.au

The Minister will be chairing Review panel sessions in both Melbourne and Adelaide in late January and early February so that a report with recommended actions may be finalised by the end of February for further consideration, with a view to enabling the growth fund by mid-2014.
Further information can be found at:  www.industry.gov.au/industry/automotive/Pages/default.aspx
Media contact: Kylie Barron 0408 508 673