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Government looks to review measurement labelling laws

19 May 2017

The Australian Government has responded to industry calls to cut red tape around product packaging regulations, with options to change measurement marking placement rules released for public consultation.

Under national trade measurement regulations, markings showing the product’s exact weight or volume must currently appear on the front of packaged products.

The government is seeking feedback on options for reform, including the option allowing the marking to be placed anywhere on products, as part of wider regulatory reforms in this area.

Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy invited Australians to have their say on the options paper released today.

“Businesses have told us that the current regulations are too prescriptive and need to be reviewed, and that’s what we are doing,” Mr Laundy said.

“By exploring ways to make it easier for business to operate, while maintaining the checks and balances that the public expect from government, we can start to make a real difference.

“We also know that consumers want safeguards in place to ensure they are getting value for money. This review is a detailed, transparent process to plot the best path forward for both industry and consumers.”

The review is part of the Australian Government’s deregulation agenda and will investigate options including alignment of these regulations with other Australian labelling frameworks. 

The Options Paper is available for feedback until 30 June 2017.

Submissions can be made via https://consult.industry.gov.au/packaging-review-team/review-of-the-nmi-regulations-2009-p4

Media contact: Mr Laundy's office 02 6277 4345