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Anti-dumping ruling to benefit local currant industry

14 January 2014

The Coalition Government has decided to maintain duties on imported Greek currants for a further five years.

Bob Baldwin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, said this measure would contribute to a level playing field for Australian industry.

“This decision assists local manufacturers to be able to competitively source currants from Australian growers, and allows Australian growers to stay in the game,” Mr Baldwin said.

“Sunbeam Foods will be able to compete on a more level playing field when sourcing their products from local supply chains.”

The original investigation found that in 2007-2008, Greek currants were imported to Australia at dumped prices.  The dumping of Greek currants into the Australian market resulted in injury to Australian manufacturers.

The latest investigation has found dumping is still continuing. The dumping duties on imported Greek currants will be up to 8.1 per cent after today’s announcement.

Dumping occurs when the export price (to Australia) is below the selling price, or below the full cost of the product, in the country of export.

Further details on the decision are available at http://www.adcommission.gov.au/

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