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Senator the Hon Arthur Sinodinos AO Media Releases

Millions in funding helps Australian businesses tap into markets

30 March 2017

The Australian Government is providing $7.4 million to 15 Australian businesses to help get their new products and services into the marketplace.

Gas pipeline companies to work with Turnbull Government to ensure gas delivery

29 March 2017

Ministers from the Turnbull government today met with pipeline industry representatives to seek their support in implementing measures agreed with the gas industry earlier this month.

Statement on meeting with gas and energy users

27 March 2017

Some of Australia's largest industrial gas and energy users today explained to the Australian Government first-hand how the cost pressures from rising gas prices are threatening their businesses and the jobs of their employees. 

Dialogue to strengthen innovation ties between Australia and China

24 March 2017

A range of crucial industry sectors are set to benefit from a formal ‘Dialogue on Innovation’ between Australia and China that will bolster collaboration on innovation between the two nations. 

Government unveils long-term commitment to science and research

22 March 2017

The Australian Government has unveiled its new National Science Statement, which emphasises the long term importance of science to the nation’s economy and society.

Parliamentarians pay tribute to the role of science in Australia

21 March 2017

Science meets Parliament, which begins today, is a wonderful opportunity for parliamentarians to show their respect for the science community and the role it plays in shaping our nation.

Marine industries contribute $74 billion to Australia's economy

17 March 2017

Australia’s so called ‘blue economy’ has made a significant contribution to the nation’s prosperity and is increasingly recognised around the world as a high value, high potential growth sector.

$4m to put students’ STEM learning into action

16 March 2017

The Australian Government will invest $4 million over the next four years to help Australian school students put their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning into action.

Grants support the innovative ideas of small and medium businesses

14 March 2017

I’m delighted that 20 small and medium businesses will share in more than $1.8 million in initial funding to develop innovative solutions to solve public sector challenges under the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII).

Prizes for pursuing science, innovation excellence

10 March 2017

The annual quest for Australia’s top science and innovation minds has begun with the opening of nominations for one of Australia’s most prestigious awards, the 2017 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science.