The Hon Greg Hunt MP was sworn in as Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science on 19 July 2016.

The Hon Greg Hunt MP

The Turnbull Government welcomes the announcement today that the Alcoa Portland Aluminium Smelter will remain open into the next decade. This is great news for the workers at the Alcoa smelter and the community of Portland.

Health touches the lives of every Australian. It is essential that people can see a doctor when they need to and have medicine when they are not well.

Significant progress has been made over the weekend, with great demonstrations of good faith from all parties working to find a solution for the future of the Portland smelter.

One of the world’s most powerful radio telescopes, based in the Western Australian outback, has begun processing mind-boggling amounts of data which will help scientists explore the secrets and history of the Universe.

One of the country’s leading research facilities will create time on New Year’s Day, keeping Australia in sync with the rest of the world.


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